2 Updated CGMW images

Here are 2 images I worked on after the end of the workshop.
The jellyfish cities from week 5.

The final confrontation from week 6.

Some older vehicle work. Not something I do a whole lot apparently. ;)

CGMW - Environment Design 1

I've been doing the master class Environment Design 1 over at CGMW, instructed by Jason Scheier. I learned a bundle, gained new insights and had a lot of fun working on the assignments. It was also a good starting point to pick up some new good habits and to further my studies.

I'll post some of my assignments here.

Week1 - 3: 
This is the week 7 version, where I bundled 2 pages and made them a bit more presentable. 

Weeks 4 and 5:

Weeks 6:

week 8 (week 7 was bundling the separate images and make presentable sheets out of them):
I saw this Feng Zhu video on his youtube page where he painted 3 environments at the same time. I tried this here with these 4 and it was indeed a lot faster. Really forced me to concentrate on the big shapes first and leave details for later. 

I'm still incorporating feedback I got from Jason, so some of these will get an updated version later on with improvements like better depth , clearer shapes, tighter painting, more design and such.