CGMA workshop : Environment Design for Games 1

Work from the Enviroment Design for Games 1 workshop weeks 5 till 7. Only 1 more week to go!

Week 5: 4 'thumbs' around 1 theme. I went with a Blade Runner-esque version of Kyoto where all the traditional Japanese houses, gardens and temples are put on top of skyscrapers and other high buildings. I was in a bit of a hurry for no. 2, so it's of a considerable lower quality. It's also missing it's purpose of connecting no. 1 with no. 3 and 4. I went a bit experimental with no. 4

Week 6: some extra love for last week's fav. Still needs loads more, but my left hand was hurting, so took it easy that week.

Week 7: Also about half finished. Got some valuable crits and planning on making the towns more interesting.

I've been working on a pitch as well, but it's turning into a full blown illustration. Been a while since I did one of those. I'll see if I can upload the current WIP somewehere this week.


CGMA workshop : Environment Design for Games 1

I've been busy these past few weeks with different stuff, but for art works the most important one would be the CGMA workshop Environment Design for Games 1, instructed by James Paick. I'm learning tons of stuff again and it really helps to work with other students and seeing their work and visions. Then getting some ace C&C to top it off! ^^

These are my original submissions, so kind of like the 'before' shots, with all the errors and weird stuff still in it. ;)

week1 - 5 value only pieces:
horrible perspective error all over :/

Argh, pesky perspective again! I need to plot those out and stop eyeballing them.

I'll probably replace those light towers when I revisit these.

Maybe I should've had the warrior carried out on a shield by two villagers, and have a small and really big warrior carrying a huge rock. ;) 

Week 2 - 3 more value only pieces:
Started plotting perspective.

Is a bit empty atm, so needs more stuff like pipes, antennas and what not. 

Flying Dutch people! Somehow I loved painting those cows ... makes me want to moo somehow. ;)

Week 3 - A scifi, space scene involving scale. As Mr. Sulu would say: Oh my ... (way, way out of my comfort zone. But you can't push boundaries if you stay clear from them.) Used references needed to be added to show what we look at when we do these environment assignments. Photos are still used as reference only, so no photos using as textures.

Again, a bit empty with those meteors / asteroids (I keep forgetting the difference) being more confusing rather than helpful compositional elements. Also lacks design. I would still like to try to incorporate some Santiago Calatrava with a standard scifi space station.

Week 4 - Jumping into colour! 5 paintings.

You see, it wasn't a meteor that killed the dinosaurs, but those pesky aliens! Next time I'll study dinosaur anatomy a bit more ...

I revisited this week 1 painting, added colour, tightened it up a bit and incorporated some of the feedback James gave me. Got some more feedback though :)

I felt the need to steal ... I mean, get inspired by Sparth's work, so did this clunky flying mist lamps sporting transport. 

Proud scaly parents are glad their little whelp's born, errupting from it's volcano incubator! The city's inhabitants don't feel like celebrating somehow. 

And finally my favorite of the bunch; a SWAT team lands on a roof of a zombie invested mansion (no, I'm not making a political statement about the rich and powerful!) I'll give this one some more painting time to make it a full illustration. After the workshop's ended and I incorporated all the c&c I received.

I also did another study of a nice National Geographic photo, right before the start of the workshop:

Hope you like them. Have a nice weekend people!