Arms Cartel Global

The sequel to Arms Cartel, Arms Cartel Global, is now available in the App Store: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/arms-cartel-global/id504804197?mt=8

Go give it a spin, it's free to play!

I was hired to make 4 new character portraits: a cartel member, a geek, a Mexican official and a Saudi Arabian Official:

Cartel member
Mexican Official
Saudi Arabian Official

Furthermore, the game features 5 maps made by me and 3D generalist Joji Nomura (Coroflot portfolio). I made sketches of the maps and Joji would model buildings, add some base materials and textures and render it out at the required angle in multiple passes for easy editing. I painted the ground and added final paint-over and finishes to the renders. The result was as follows:

Saudi Arabia