Danfo Reloaded

I had the chance to work on a game for Nigerian company Pledge51 during February and a part of March this year. The game, Danfo Reloaded has been released now and can be downloaded for free: http://store.ovi.com/content/269408 

The game was optimized for the Nokia Asha series. Pledge51 is a pioneering company as Nigeria doesn't have much of a game industry, but does have a large user base of mobile phone users. For this game Pledge51 wanted a graphical update for their graphics, not a full new design. I based most of the work on the previous version and photographic references supplied by them.

The designs, splash screens and GUI is by me, as well as some final touchups on some of the city tiles and a few extra tiles. The vehicles and most of the city tiles have been made by Cecilia Favo de Mel (Cecilia's Deviant Art gallery), the pedestrians were made by Melvin de Voor (Melvin's Deviant Art gallery).

Here's hoping the game will be downloaded a lot!