Various works

Been a while. I have been busy with various freelance jobs, art tests, pitches and a small contest. My entry was in the top 6 out of 97 entries (some people entered multiple variations and WIPS though).

My entry. Done in 1 day. Not the most exciting design, but I didn't wanted it too outlandish. Think I'll pick this one up in a couple of days and give it some touch-ups here and there. 

An older piece I never got around to upload. I was intending to fix some things at some point, but I think I'd better make new stuff instead. 

Cartoon Viking Woman. 

Sketches / roughs for pyramid influenced buildings, 1 done in lineart.

 Treetrunk house by the water, warmup.

Started on a fantasy 'Arabian Villa'. Work in Progress. 

Back to scribbling... Hope you enjoyed them and see you next time!