Arms Cartel work

I had the opportunity to do some work for Pixel Addicts' iOS crime game Arms Cartel. You can get it at the app store here. 

I did 2 character designs, in-game portraits and splash screens. Initially it was only for 1 splash screen, but it soon expanded into a character design and in-game portrait as well. I guess they liked it since they came back later for a female character as well. ^^ They asked me to wait with posting, but I got approval to show them now.

The brief was for a Lord of War-ish arms trader with a bad-ass attitude. Unfortunately they didn't pick the 'Travolta in Pulp Fiction' haircut (3, 4 and 5C) :/.

The head designs :

heads 1-1
heads 1-2
heads 1-3
heads 1-4
heads 1-5

In-game / splash screen images. Pixel Addicts wanted a digitally painted look for these, not the more chalky look of the designs. 

image 1 Yeah, the money and falling bullets weren't very good. The version in the game, without those, looks better.
in-game portrait

splash screen (yes, head kept largely the same as the portrait :). Hurrah, for digital tools! )

For the female character we took a similar, but more streamlined approach. Keywords were strong and sexy and initially an Angelina Jolie / Tombraider kind of girl, but the final version has a bit of Michelle Rodriguez  and a tiny bit of Olivia Wilde and Jessica Alba thrown in. 


Heads 1 (haircut ended up being a more conventional version of 1I)
3 head and 3 haircut variations based on 1I, with 2K as the winner!

And the in-game portrait and splash screen:


Splash screen. Yup, we kept the sky. ;) They changed her a bit for the final version (less strong jaw, more curvy), but being the artsy guy I still prefer this version (even though their tweaked version is closer to the portrait).

These were a lot of fun to do! Go play Arms Cartel now and see them in their 'natural' environment! And leave forum posts that they need more characters / splash screens ;), especially more sexy women and one with oversized sunglasses and tattoos (like I originally planned for this one).