A study of a M6 Bradly and a scifi soldier concept which was considered too human:


Some new work

I did my first paid freelance design job the other day, so a big shout out to the people over at Xform! ;) Go play their games, they're free and online!

With their permission, here are the robots I designed for them. It was a bit of a rush job, so only 1 view per design. You can click the image for a bigger version.

Melee robot

Crawler, I think it self detonates

Tank type unit

Standard robot

The player, kind of a souped up or v2 of the standard robot.

And my entry to the Rift: Create a Colossus contest:

The contest was to create a 10-story high colossus of a single plane (I chose 'death')  for the MMO Rift. I started way too late of course, so was in a bit of a hurry with this one. Then again, I need to get faster anyway.

And a study of a fashion ad, just for fun and practice: