Getting in the habit of blogging

Having spent a lot of time focusing on the business side lately, I'm feeling I let the personal side of it slide. I started doing studies again and sketching in Photoshop. I never stopped sketching on paper, but maybe I ought to do something with it.

But where to begin with blogging? I'm not really the type that writes about daily live things, I don't shoot selfies and never write about what I had for lunch / dinner. Since this blog is about art, games and my art (mainly for games) business, I'll stick to that.

Topics for blogging:
  1. How to run a freelance art / design business, do's and don'ts
  2. Common mistakes and how to avoid or remedy them
  3. Types of clients: good and bad, how to spot and avoid the bad ones, how to attract the good ones
  4. Types of artists and how to work with them, drafting helpful briefs, spotting issues and solving them
  5. International contracts (but would require a lawyer for consulting and lots of referring to trade organisations), copyright (same)
  6. Marketing, social media, portfolios, forum / group participation
  7. Productivity, scheduling, project management, tools, mindset    
  8. Health issues common to artists, avoiding, remedies
  9. Reviews of courses I've taken
  10. Productivity journal? I have one I use privately, but could use them. Perhaps it'll help someone else too
  11. Study: how to go about it, remembering, going outside the comfort zone, work and thought process when doing art studies
  12. Sales, getting comfortable with the commercial side of art if you want to make a living out of it, do's and don'ts
  13. Games I like, why they are my favourites and what I'd change if I were to make a version 2 or sequel or my own game
  14. On learning, effective study techniques, good practice, how the brain retains and retrieves information
New topics will probably come up when I get more used to this and made a habit out of blogging. At any rate, it's good to come out of the shell. Being an introvert, it's comfortable inside the shell. But running a business requires coming out of it. We can't earn a living in a void at least. A new topic presents itself already!

Maybe I ought to split up the type of posts: keep some only on this blog, post others as Deviant Art Journals for instance. Another thing I struggle with is the idea of writing several posts in advance and publish them all in one go after having revised them a couple of times, or publish them one by one, revisiting older ones rather than revising them.

If you have any ideas or topics you'd like to read about, please let me know in the comments!

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