Long time no post, sorry! I was a bit busy with various jobs and some workshops, as well as some personal scribbles.

I did another CGMA course: Intro to Perspective for Entertainment Design, instructed by Polina Hristova. Most of the work is a bit boring to look at, so this is a selection. The course was very informative and I really needed it (still do). The previous run however was instructed by a new teacher.

1P perspective thumbs, line art. Oh yeah, I was all excited about Diablo III. One of the Blizzard cinematic artists was also in the course, so that was fun.

First 3 thumbs of week 4, 2 point perspective.

Second batch of thumbs, also 2 point perspective.

3 point perspective thumb.

Translating points and curves, measuring (I estimated a few things because I ran out of time)

Another 3 point perspective one, with some color this time.

I'm glad I took the course as I tried learning from a book before and didn't quite got as much out of it.

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