Still on workshops. I took another CGMA course the semester after I took the perspective one. This time I took Environment Design for Games 2, instructed by James Paick. I did his other masterclass (Environment Design for Games 1) earlier, so figured this was the natural choice. I really struggled with this one as I was going through a learning curve dip. The approach was different than the first masterclass, as this one had a central theme: colony. I wanted to steer away from humans settling.

Some exploratory thumbs. I was thinking about insects surviving an apocalyptic event, wiping out the human race.

More along the same theme. Values really suffered in some of these.

Continuation on the 2 I found most interesting. Both depict a spider / ant hybrid race. One lives in an arctic environment, using ice crystals for their habitat, the other has an ant hill like structure over water. I imagine them building webs for hunting and living in a hive like structure.

More of the same. Same problems as before. I like 1 and 3 though.

A bit better result. Exterior shot of the arctic ones, hunting and catching some seafood.

Interior - nursery with detail call out and references. Workers gather liquefied food frozen into crystal shards and place these in feeding pillars. Heat travels through these and the liquefied food melts and slowly trickle down these shafts. Holes in the shaft allow portions to drop down, feeding the hatchlings beneath it. In the background the queen can be seen laying more eggs. 

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